• December 19, 2022
  • Reading time about 5 minutes

Today, the real estate business has the potential to attract audiences from the online marketplace. But having a website for your real estate business is not enough for you to engage the customers. You need the best theme, images, design, and a list of features to stand out from the crowd.

Your online real estate website must be carefully designed, regularly updated, and SEO optimized to target customers and convey the value of the properties to make the buying process easy for customers. Custom real estate IDX websites for realtors help you to take your real estate website up a notch. Here, we will discuss the top features that you should have on your online real estate website to help visitors engage with your listing.

Design And Development

Design and development are the two important aspects of developing an online real estate business for your business. Design is the first element that helps you in attracting the attention of the audience. Therefore, always keep your design simple and do not overload it with design. This will have a negative effect and make your site slow. Illustrate the design and development process to engage the audience. Thus, designing and development lead to the overall success of your real estate business.

UI/UX Design

The user interface plays an important role in engaging the customers. A good user interface means that the user can easily access and go through the internal pages of the website. This will help you in delivering a better user experience to the audience. Thus, linking your internal pages and making them responsible with all their navigational features intact delivers a better user experience to the customers. A lousy interface design will be burned into the minds of your site visitors forever. Thus, determine what potential customers and website visitors will interact with when they arrive on your site and implement the right UI/UX design.

Customer-Centric Content

Show the content and properties that are familiar to engage your customers. Your online real estate company website should inform visitors about the property by showing them the best picture of the property. Also, provide the features, pricing, legal procedures to be followed, and other information. This will help you to capture your audience’s attention and helps to inform people about your services in a way that keeps them interested. Therefore, you can go a long way in boosting conversions and sales.

Property Listing/IDX Integration

Customers visit real estate websites to look for properties, therefore your listing should be up-to-date, well-organized, and easily accessible through the property listing page. Custom real estate IDX websites for realtors allow you to implement IDX software that lets buyers search for their area’s MLS properties. Having an IDX feature on your site gives your customers access to MLS listings and shows them listings that are more favorable for them.

Advance Search Features

Custom real estate IDX websites for realtors allow you to create multiple listings of properties. With such huge listings, it is impossible for visitors to scroll through various pages to find the best property according to their needs. Therefore, a luxury real estate agent personal website provides you with an integrated advanced search feature for your real estate website and allows your site visitors to find the best property. An advanced search feature shows that your real estate business is technologically adaptive and respects your customers’ valuable time in deciding the right property by filtering from the list.

Social Media Integration

Today, it’s difficult to imagine a successful website that doesn’t integrate social media sites. Social media has the potential to engage customers and targeting your customer on the social platform will never put you down. Social media luxury real estate agent personal website allows you to engage customers even on social media platforms through interactive listings, pictures, short videos, etc. Therefore, integrating social media feeds or buttons on your website increases your website’s visibility and makes it more accessible.


A website that is optimized for search engine optimization grows more and more. Best mobile websites and CRM for real estate allow to optimize SEO in the online real estate website using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of your website. An SEO-optimized tool increases the traffic, and conversions as well as the growth of your revenue. Google Analytics also helps you in generating analytics of the users who are looking for your properties. SEO helps you in getting your realty website to the top of the list.


Are you planning to develop online real estate for your business? Your real estate website can easily engage the audience and grow with these fundamental features. BidHom offers custom real estate IDX websites for realtors to grow their businesses. Our team always considers these basic features and adds multiple trendy features to update, redesign, or modernize your real estate website.