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Why Choose Bidhom?

Online Auctions Simplified

Auction properties in the smoothest way ever using our state-of-the-art online bidding technology that makes real estate transactions seamless & cost-effective for buyers & sellers


Get a personalized ready to go website designed to manage all your property hassles from listing to auction, helping you reach your target audience with smart IDX search and seamless transactions.

Skills & Expertise

Having decade-long expertise in working with the best real estate clients across the globe, we have an expert team with desired skill and expertise and have gained a larger customer base

Secure Transactions

Experience a secure & hassle -free auction process with uncompromised privacy as our team keeps focus on data security & customer confidence using advanced data security systems.

One-Stop Real Estate Platform for
Brokers, Agents, and Buyers


Get a complete real estate website with IDX enabling brokers to enjoy enhanced property listing and advanced search experience with better growth opportunities, quicker deal closures, and safer real estate transactions.

  • Auction Setup
  • Property Listing and Management
  • Document Management
  • Agent Listing and Bidder Registration
  • Secure Transactions
  • Real-Time Auction Monitoring
  • Integration Capabilities (IDX, MLS, CRM & much more)
  • Automate conversation with Chatbot


We offer a wide range of features to help in creating personalized real estate IDX websites for agents with predesigned templates. Get any property listed and promote them effortlessly with smarter property search, lead generation, intelligent CRM & more.

  • Auction Setup
  • Property Listing and Management
  • Document Management
  • Bidder Registration
  • Transaction Management
  • Real-Time Auction Monitoring
  • Integration Capabilities (IDX, MLS, CRM & much more)
  • Automate conversation with Chatbot


Our real estate platform is exclusively built to redefine property buying processes providing options to choose desired homes, buy them and monitor the progress of the project anytime and anywhere, promoting ease and convenience.

  • Property Search and Filtering
  • Auction Bidding and Notifications
  • Make an offer
  • Bidder History and Analytics
  • Real-Time Auction Monitoring
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Automate conversation with Chatbot

Bringing in force the high-performance Auction Websites

Bidhom brings you a personalized online real estate auction website, convenient way to list properties
and manage auctions with the most flexible approach. Follow the quick steps to get started

Register as a
Post your
auction listing
your Auction
Track Status
of Auction

Unleashing the Power of the Right Virtual
Bidding for Every Need

Not every auction is the same! Choosing the right auction type is crucial to achieving higher sale prices in less time.

classic online auction live event online auction highest and best offer auction
Classic Online Auction

Participants that are registered can submit their bids online and see the current highest bid with the option to set automatic bidding increments.

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Live Event Online Auction

Scheduled for a specific date and time, participants must log in to the online platform at the designated time to participate in the live auction.

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"Highest and Best Offer" Auction

Here, buyers can use 'Make an Offer' auctions to suggest their own price for the property, in which the seller evaluates and decides whether to accept, reject, or counter it.

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Unlock The Power of Transparency
with Bidhom's Features

  • Theme-Based Websites
  • Property Listing & Management
  • Email Templates
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Quick Integrations

Extensive Customization, Premium Features.

Get a wide range of customization options with desired themes to build a dedicated website of your choice.

Simplify the property buying and selling process with premium features for the best appearance and functionality.

Build Website with Best Theme

Faster Property Listings

Ensure that your website offers a display of different property listings with easy-to-find details to get discovered.

Keep the focus on maximizing your business online exposure with a smart search experience & get faster closures.

Manage Listings Effortlessly

Personalized Emails, Better Conversions.

Work with our smart, automated, and customizable email marketing campaigns to stay on top of your email communications.

Choose from a wide range of real estate email templates for better engagement and higher conversion of leads.

Communicate Better

Robust & Interactive Dashboards

Get easily accessible reports, visualizations, and dashboards to transform your real estate data into actionable insights.

Make smarter business moves by identifying your customer behaviour patterns with faster property closures

Unlock Insights Seamlessly

Effortless Third-Party Integrations. Smooth Real Estate Business Processes.

Get quick and seamless third-party integrations with any platform connecting real estate clients & customers effortlessly.

Run your business processes smoothly, streamline lead management, track listing status, keep agents aligned, and automate workflows.

Build Website with Best Theme

How Does Our Real Estate Auction Platform
Benefit Your Business?

Fast and Efficient Sales

Our property auction platform offers a faster way to sell any property as interested buyers can place a bid on the desired property from anywhere at any time

Selling & Buying Timeframe

The best thing about selling & buying property using online auctions is that there is no pressure from other bidders or real estate agents who might be pushing for immediate decisions.

Choice Of Properties

Interested home buyers can search just by sitting at home and selecting from a wide range of properties across the world and bidding on any suitable one of their choice.

More Control Over the Sales Process

In online auctions, sellers are in full control rather than selling homes through open houses and private sales where they might feel pressured into making deals before they are ready.

Multiple Potential Bidders

There are no limits on how many people can bid on a single property, which means sellers get very good offers from investors or developers that can pay more than the market price.

Reduced Advertising Expenses

Selling properties through online auctions is effortless with BidHom's distinctive features without the cost of investing in promotions, flyers, advertising, and marketing

Client Testimonials

We have been partnered for more than 5 years now and the team has done a great job! We use them now and we plan on using them in future!

Robert Friedman - Auction.com

I had an excellent experience working with BidHom. They help me in bringing transparency in bringing more sales. BidHom is an advantage for real estate developers, investors, brokers, and real estate agents.

Andrew Strauss - Simplioffer

BidHom is responsive and delivers more choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for developing a real estate online platform.

Samantha Quek - PreREO

Working with BidHom was a breeze. They created a user-friendly website for my real estate business that has attracted more clients than ever before. I highly recommend their services.

Louis Garcia - TenX

Our Clients

Agents, brokers, auctioneers, and realtors alike rely on BidHom real estate auction platform to grow their business daily.


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What is a real estate online platform for auction?

BidHom Real Estate Auction Software can be defined as a platform that helps property sellers across the globe conduct auctions online anytime. Known as one of the Best Real Estate Website Platforms, BidHom enables home sellers to list their properties for auction and provides them a chance to use the platform and place bids, track auctions, and complete transactions effortlessly.

How does real estate auction software work?

Real estate online auction platform enables agents and brokers to create an auction listing, set auction parameters, and invite audiences to participate in the auction. The auction platform provides real-time bidding updates, manages countdowns, and takes care of the bidding process until the auction completes.

What are the features that are offered by top real estate platforms?

With BidHom Real estate auction software, we aim to sell your auction property at the best possible price. Here are some of the features that help businesses offer several benefits such as increased exposure for properties, a larger pool of potential buyers, & more-

Sell Quick

Selling is effortless with the help of distinctive features BidHom offers, which ensures the best deals.


Promotions, flyers, and traditional marketing options are no longer effective as a personalized real estate website, which help to boost branding.

Set Viewing Days

Selling is effortless with the help of distinctive features BidHom offers, which ensures the best deals.


We ensure that every listed property on our platform is strictly verified following the legal procedure and complete documentation.

What are the advantages of online real estate auction platforms over traditional auctions?

Online real estate auction platform provides global reach to your property auction. Thus, it increases reach, improved transparency, and faster transaction times while reducing the cost of the auction. Thus, making it easier for auctioneers to focus on their core business activities.

Do you offer custom real estate websites or apps through BidHom?

Yes, our real estate auction software provides a wide range of customization options that enable sellers to tailor the real estate website or app based on their specific needs.

How secure is your real estate auction platform?

Real estate auction software offers a wide range of security measures that help businesses like yours protect their data against fraud and unauthorized access to sensitive information. What makes BidHom reliable real estate success software is that it ensures to take every single step to protect personal information.

How much does it cost to build an online auction platform?

BidHom real estate online auction platform comes in three formats i.e., Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Starter - This plan starts at $250 per month with one-time setup fees of $5000.
  • Pro - This plan starts at $500 per month with one-time setup fees of $10,000.
  • Enterprise - In enterprise, we develop the auction platform based on your business requirement with your personalized domain. The cost of development is to be estimated based on the requirements.
Is integration with other tools possible with BidHom real estate auction software?

Yes, BidHom offers a real estate business website and app aligned with different integrations with tools including CRM software, payment processing platforms, marketing tools, and more.

How long does it take to set up an online auction platform?

It usually takes 1-2 months to set up your online auction platform. However, for custom or our enterprise solution, it takes 3-4 months to complete the online auction platform based on features and integration.

Do I need prior knowledge to use BidHom real estate auction software?

BidHom Real estate auction software is typically built to ensure that it is user-friendly and accessible to individuals with different levels of technical expertise. This means you don't need high-level expertise to complete the task through BidHom. However, having a basic understanding of the software's features and capabilities will help you to use it effectively.

Will you provide access to administration rights and code access?

Yes, we will provide you with full administration control of your online auction platform. You can manage everything right from the administrative panel. We provide proper support for web hosting, backups, disaster recovery, and coding enhancement.

Do I have to be a licensed auctioneer to use the online auction platform?

No, you don't have to be a licensed auctioneer to use our online auction platform. Most states do not have any licensing laws pertaining directly to online auctions for real estate. However, if your state has any law where technology outpaces your state legislation then we recommend you check with your state real estate commission.