Commercial Real Estate Marketing
  • December 23, 2023
  • Reading time about 6 minutes

We all know how complex and competitive the commercial real estate market is, which is why making a place & attracting clients can be difficult without a proper marketing plan. The real estate sector has evolved over the years, especially during the pandemic increasing the demand for a multi-channel marketing and advertising approach with both online & offline approaches to stay ahead & get genuine leads.

If you are a commercial realtor struggling with ineffective marketing campaigns, it’s time to check out how the right CRE Online Auction Software and the best marketing trends shared by market leaders will help you drive more sales in the coming year and beyond.

Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Keep In Mind

To plan engaging commercial real estate market strategies aligned with the latest technological advances & better understanding of your customers, you need to be aware of the current market scenario and what your customers are looking for.

In this section, we have shortlisted the most effective commercial real estate marketing strategies shared by the market leaders.

– Indispensable Need for Marketing

Experts believe that marketing in the commercial real estate market doesn’t mean only showcasing a property listing in an attractive way but to setting a stage for every subsequent interaction.

Most of the successful property listings leverage a reliable listing management platform & its marketing plan. This means marketing is not just an option anymore but an integral part of the entire property transaction lifecycle. Businesses that fail to focus on marketing will undoubtedly fall behind the competition, no matter how the market conditions are.

– Focus on Volume & Variety

We know how important lead generation is for the real estate market and the higher the leads, the better it is to unlock new sales opportunities. A study says that properties with no or little marketing activities are the ones that lag in lead generation and can attract an average of 7.25 leads only.

On the other hand, listings that make use of various marketing materials such as proposals, flyers, brochures, well-planned email campaigns, etc. are the ones that have witnessed 2-3 times higher lead generation than listings without marketing.

– Go for a Personalized Approach

Another thing that must be noted is the size of the brokerage and the price of the listing doesn’t impact the marketing metrics. Ensure that you focus on personalization rather than going for mass production of marketing materials.

Even mid-sized brokerage firms can outperform bigger enterprises in terms of lead volume if they keep the focus on a personalized marketing approach. You can make use of customized emails where you are updating new property listings to clients based on their preferred location and budget.

– Keep Track on Regional Insights

Keeping the focus on regional aspects while making the marketing plan in the real estate sector is a need. For instance, you can build a proper nationwide snapshot of marketing strategies across five US regions.

This will help in giving an idea that the Mideast has records of an average total number of documents created and the Northeast lags on this. On the other hand, when it comes to emails sent, the Mideast dominates while the Southeast has generated the highest number of total leads. These regional differences enable brokers and realtors to adapt their marketing strategies based on local trends and preferences.

Channels to Use for Effective Commercial Real Estate Marketing

The initial step is to focus on in-depth research in your area so that you can prepare the list of properties along with details like contact information, property building type, nearby amenities, etc. Additionally, ensure that you have clear goals that you want to achieve with the property listings that you are planning to market.

– Local Advertising

Giving your business good exposure and enhancing the property listings on Google, Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo is a great way to capture the attention of local leads.

– Social Media

Make your social media presence strong by not just advertising all the deals on property listings but also by posting personal wins, as social media can be a great way to build relationships.

– Press Releases

Publishing press releases can be a great way to show potential clients that you exist for real and make you more capable of attracting leads.

– Networking Events

Take part in the real estate events or local conventions in your area by figuring out where your target market is more likely to attend, allowing you to connect with leads.

– Mailers

Ensure that you make use of mailers in your marketing campaigns by adding a personal touch with a custom-made message or freebie. You can create a dedicated landing page for the property listings to keep track of how much traffic was recorded & number of freebies that were downloaded.

– Email Newsletters

Another effective way to nurture leads is through email newsletters by keeping in touch with potential clients with helpful topics they might be interested to know, which is helpful to build trust and accelerate purchase decisions.

After going through the points, you must have an idea that you should start trying different marketing campaigns if the current ones are not giving enough results. Ensure that you review and adjust marketing strategies regularly based on new market demands & technological advances.

Final Takeaways

As we can see, the commercial real estate sector is evolving rapidly and the realtors that are not using effective marketing strategies will be left behind the competition. If you are a realtor who has no idea how to get started with marketing and the activities to get higher sales with the right promotion of services, you must check out the points stated above.

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