Zero Cost Real Estate Website
  • March 7, 2024
  • Reading time about 7 minutes

Can you build a real estate website without spending a single penny?

The question might look absurd to many, but it is possible to build your personalized real estate website with zero cost and enter the digital age of buying and selling properties. There are no two thoughts about the increasing popularity of real estate brokerage websites. Reason? There are more than one. More and more buyers are looking for their dream property online. The ease of shortlisting, virtual tours, transparency, and many more; the list goes on when we talk about the benefits of real estate agent websites. Brokers and agents must consider building their websites to tap into unexplored markets and take their businesses beyond their geographical domains.

This blog will uncover how you can build your real estate website for no cost and how it can boost your real estate business.

Why You Must Have a Real Estate Brokerage Website?

As a broker or agent, you strive to take your real estate business one step further. One of the guaranteed ways to reach a massive audience and build trust is to have a digital marketplace. Your listings have all the potential to achieve the best and highest offer if they reach the right audience. When you build your real estate brokerage website, you invite tech-savvy buyers to explore your listings. Beyond that, there are lucrative benefits:

· Global Reach

· Better Listing Management

· Online Auctions

· Offer Management

· Bidding Management

· Easy Trust-Building

· Marketing Automation

· Real-time Analytics

All these benefits are worth every investment, but guess what? You can power up your website with some of these pathbreaking features free of charge. Here’s how.

BidHom’s Revolutionizing Zero Cost Real Estate Website: A Sneak Peak

It’s not only about building a website, but also about powering it with hero features that bring unique visitors to the website. When the following features mingle with your skills and expertise, business growth amplifies:

Theme-based Website

Looks matter! A visually appealing real estate website succeeds in enticing visitors on the first try. Here’s a fact about websites: users notice how attractive the website as a first thing before they interact with it in any other way. A range of professionally designed themes allows you the opportunity to design your real estate brokerage website according to your brand identity.

Not only the look, but the feel also matters. As soon as the visitors interact with your real estate agent website, they will notice everything—what you put up there, how your CTAs are, and how easy it is to find them on your landing page. In short, the theme must be consistent with your brand identity. Let’s say you deal in luxury properties. Your website must highlight your niche and expertise through a highly customized layout.

Dynamic Landing Page

What goes on your landing page is the first message you convey to your target audiences. That’s why it becomes important to wisely decide what you showcase on your homepage. With the ease of updating your landing page with desired sections, you can smartly customize it to feature your latest listings, market trends, and promotional offers. By choosing the right sections for your home page, you can capture visitors’ attention, gain their trust, and prompt them to do business with you.

For instance, showing your achievements and statistics on your homepage will build instant credibility in the visitors’ minds. With BidHom, you design your own homepage in simple steps to communicate what you want.

Logo Change

Your logo is your brand sigil; it stands for your business and establishes you as a brand in the market. There’s a thin line between being a real estate business and a brand. The difference lies in how your target audience perceives you. Every other real estate website features listings, but if a potential client wants to do business with you, you’ve successfully created a brand.

With BidHom, you can easily change and update your logo, keeping your real estate brokerage website up-to-date with the latest branding requirements while maintaining brand consistency across different channels. This ease offers you the bandwidth to adjust your brand strategy whenever required, without any technical hassle.

Business Information

Without relevant information, even the most attractive designs hardly make any sense. Providing comprehensive business information on your real estate brokerage website builds trust and credibility among potential buyers. The relevant business information may include:

· About Us section

· Testimonials and reviews

· Services offered

· Privacy policy and terms of service

· Contact details

· Office locations

· Professional credentials

· Frequently asked questions

Divulging the relevant information on your website helps your business exhibit transparency and professionalism. BidHom allows you to add, edit, and remove information from any section with a single click.


The role of good content must not be underestimated to drive traffic to your real estate brokerage website and engage leads. Blogs are a valuable resource for clients and prospects to understand the real estate landscape and what new trends are ruling the

decision-making process. By sharing insightful articles, market updates, neighborhood guides, and expert tips, you can establish your brand as a thought leader.

Besides, quality content posts enhance your website’s search engine visibility, driving organic traffic and lead generation.

Property Value Estimator

A potential seller visits your real estate agent website, not knowing what the market price of the property is. What can potentially engage them instantly is a property value estimator tool. BidHom places a property value estimator tool on your real estate brokerage website to enhance user engagement. This interactive feature lets potential clients get an estimate of their property’s worth, helping them price their property at the best price.

By integrating this tool into your website, you not only attract more traffic but also establish yourself as a helpful resource for property-related inquiries.

Buyer Guide

What else do you get for zero cost when you build your real estate agent website with BidHom is a comprehensive buyer guide to empower them during the complex homebuying process. From understanding the mortgage process to negotiating offers and closing deals, a buyers’ guide can simplify the buyer’s journey.

Navigating the homebuying process can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. By providing a comprehensive buyer guide on your website, you empower potential clients with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions. From understanding the mortgage process to negotiating offers and closing deals, a well-crafted buyer guide simplifies the journey for buyers and positions you as a trusted advisor.

Seller Guide

Selling a property involves numerous steps and decisions, and sellers rely on knowledgeable agents to guide them through the process. A seller guide on your website educates potential clients about the selling process, pricing strategies, home staging tips, and more. By offering valuable insights and resources upfront, you establish credibility with sellers and increase the likelihood of winning their business.

It is possible to get it all for $0 with BidHom.

Not only this but there are other pathbreaking features to which you can gain access once your business scales up and you’re willing to make a strategic investment. If you take BidHom’s agent or broker plan, you get add-on benefits that can truly revolutionize your real estate business. Check Pricing.

BidHom is a trusted online auction platform that empowers your business with a no-cost real estate website and other premium features like IDX/MLS integration, multiple auction management, listing and offer management, and real-time analytics. We have helped many small and big real estate businesses evolve technologically with our enterprise and SaaS-based solutions. Don’t believe us yet; try for yourself.