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Accelerate your business growth with a real estate IDX website with features that can revolutionize the way you work. Bidhom is here to redefine your real estate business.

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No Delays,
Faster Processing

Streamline real estate transactions with reduced paperwork and swift negotiations by setting a fixed auction itinerary.

Open Bidding,
Unmatched Clarity

Offer 100% transparency to the participants through an online auction platform and open bidding to build credibility.

Global Reach,
Better Offers

Attract a global pool of buyers and expand your listings' reach to get competitive offers and reach your sales potential.

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Experience Real Estate Ease with Advanced Features

It's all about staying ahead of the curve with the latest real estate listings on your website and getting quality leads. Bidhom automation helps you manage agents, auctions, and much more.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

Explore a range of theme-based website designs, especially tailored to the needs of real estate agents. Bidhom allows you to choose from highly relevant layouts to customize your real estate website and represent your business most authentically.

IDX Advantage for Recent Listings

Feature the most recent property listings on your website automatically with IDX and MLS integration. Bidhom helps you stay on top of your game by showcasing the recent listings on your website and achieving a competitive advantage.

Property Exploration Made Easy

Present your property listings in a user-friendly interactive map view to enhance the user experience. Bidhom offers the ultimate ease to your potential client for viewing, shortlisting, and comparing properties.

Automated Communications

Say goodbye to manual communications with automated emails and alerts to reach more people in less time. Bidhom streamlines your marketing efforts through communication automation and saves you time for revenue-centric activities.

AI-Powered Value Estimator

Get AI assistance in calculating the property values to upgrade your clients’ real estate journey. Bidhom extends comprehensive support to guide and assist your potential clients seamlessly throughout every stage of their journey, guaranteeing a remarkably high level of user satisfaction.

The Bidhom Advantage Unveiled

Efficiency Multiplied

Bidhom makes the processing faster with reduced time and an unmatched ease of conducting auctions.

Expanded Reach

Real estate agents can reach a wider audience and get competitive offers with higher sales prices.

Quick Closures

Motivated potential buyers accelerate property sales, reducing holding costs and ensuring a quick turnaround.

Doubled Profits

An online real estate website gets more leads and ensures better auction management, leading to higher profits.

Competitive Advantage

Real estate agents can stand out with a modern, efficient, and transparent online auction platform.

Brand Supremacy

Global outreach with Bidhom's real estate solutions helps create brand awareness and supremacy.

Take your Real Estate Business to New Heights

Manage all your listings and auctions from an advanced dashboard and feel the new ease. Stay on top
of the real estate game with Bidhom.


What is real estate auction software, and how can it help real estate agents?

Real estate auction software is a technology for real estate agents that allows them to auction properties online. It helps agents streamline the sales process, increase efficiency, and devise a transparent way to see properties.

How does online auction software save time for real estate agents?

An online auction software uses automation to list creations, manage bids, and communicate with potential buyers. It significantly reduces administrative tasks and frees a real estate agent's time for more productive tasks.

Can real estate auction software help agents reach a wide range of potential buyers?

Yes, real estate auction software helps agents reach a global set of buyers, increasing their outreach to secure competitive offers and higher sales prices.

Why is transparency important in real estate auctions, and how does the Bidhom provide it?

Transparency is important in real estate auctions to build credibility and trust among potential buyers. An online auction platform displays real-time bid information and allows clients to assess market value more accurately.

How do online auctions create a sense of urgency among buyers?

With a start and end date set, potential buyers feel a sense of urgency to act swiftly to secure the best deals. This urgency leads to faster property sales, helping the real estate agents.

Can real estate auction software help agents reduce marketing costs?

Yes, online auction platforms have built-in marketing tools that allow real estate agents to endorse their listings cost-effectively.

How can agents access valuable market insights using auction software?

Advanced online auction software like Bidhom offers analytical tools to predict bidding behavior, pricing trends, and property performance. These insights are crucial for market research and informed decision-making.

How can online auctions enhance the client experience for buyers and sellers?

The interactive IDX website, automation, and transparent sales process enhance the client experience. It helps real estate agents attract actionable leads and achieve business goals efficiently.

Can agents use online auction software to manage multiple listings and auctions simultaneously?

Yes, a real estate agent can use online auction software to start and manage multiple listings and auctions simultaneously.

What is the cost associated with using Bidhom, and is it worth the investment for agents?

The cost of using Bidhom depends on factors such as size and features. But you can simply start with the auction at just $250/month. Visit our Pricing Page to know more about Bidhom’s features and plans. Real estate agents should invest in auction software to maximize their profits and offer better client service.