Top Real Estate App Development Trends For 2022
  • January 25, 2021
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Real estate is a fast-paced industry, running parallel to the ever-changing times wherein customer requirements keep flipping with time. The real estate agents today need to gear up to not just list their properties in the most sorted manner but also let their customers have an unmatched user experience.

Mobile apps are the best way to ensure great connectivity between the users and the property agents/owners. Apps seem like an ideal solution to elevate customer experience and manage the selling process smoothest possible. Realtors today are more focused on adapting mobile technology and developing tailored mobile applications facilitating them in their business growth.

Real Estate Apps are an excellent advantage for Agents, Why?

The world goes round around smartphones! While the real estate agent's only aim is to bring more customers at the door and when they have the technology along, there's nothing to stop! Apps are the latest customer focused trend wherein it's always worth the investment. Here's why every realtor must have a mobile app for their business-

  • Unmatched Customer Experience While traditional methods sound convenient, we do have the technology to sway away from the classic and bring in the new! Mobile apps have the most convenient features for specific interactions, keeping the necessary information stored, and letting the app stay lightweight & easier to use. It provides a strong user experience for the agents who are required to work rigorously and stay by the customers.
  • Foster Customer Reachability Exactly how a customer requires instant responses, even the agents/sellers wish to stay connected to their customers 24/7. Guess what, an app can let you have the stickiness too! How? With every push notification once a customer tries to establish contact, the agent gets notified and connects immediately. Moreover, agents can also use in-app messages to keeping up the conversation going with the customers. Communication through apps is much more response friendly than initiating an email to converse. While we can still assure you that it may not feel that annoying like the regular phone calls and your customers can conveniently chat!
  • Cutting down the marketing efforts Properties aren't visible until marketed right and apps can be the most useful tool to extend the reachability and update listings whenever required. Additionally, applications can also gather great insights which can help in generating more leads. Analytics tools bring more powerful filtration and segment the data to target customers more effectively which furthermore, makes it easier and swift to freeze a deal faster!

Real Estate App Ideas for your Business

Though mobile apps are on a rise, do we know which real estate apps can be the most useful ones for our business? Here are the top real estate app ideas to level up your business!

  • Locality Review App For searching for a property, location is quite an imperative factor. Often houses at the prime location are considered as the prime buys. Realtors by having a locality review application can let the users rate the location they consider suitable, one can filter locality through various factors including education, weather, and exact distance from the city center or the prime area in the city. These apps can help customers decide on the best-suited properties and invest wisely.
  • Property Buying & Renting Information App As a customer, buying or renting a property isn't a piece of cake, it required thorough research and a hefty amount along. Agents and property owners can make the entire process of buying and selling simpler than ever with the help of dedicated apps providing property information and assistance throughout the process of renting a property or buying one. An app can sort customer queries and provide them with a seamless experience that can use during consulting and guidance, letting you have a clear channel and a communication medium between your customers and you.
  • Real Estate AR/VR App According to a recent survey, AR/VR technology in the real estate sector is projected to reach $2.6 billion by 2025. As most real estate business owners are adopting the technology to provide an enhanced user experience, it also saves time and money simultaneously! How? These technologies virtually help the users to visit their desirable properties any time they wish to checkout. The real estate companies can easily utilize the power of the technologies and let their customers shortlist the right properties to either mark a visit or have their minds settled on the chosen one! These technologies are highly detailed as one can easily check out the smallest of the elements such as the interiors and the little kitchen fittings which makes a huge difference.
  • Calculator App An app can help you make the calculations easier and let your users have a smooth time calculating the exact amount of their regular repairs or mortgages.
    • Mortgage Calculator - Most of the property sales comes along mortgage, making the process a time taking the task, involving various complex calculation which may go wrong and ends you up in loss. Having a mortgage calculator app can provide instant benefits and get your users a smooth and convenient experience.
    • Estimating Repairs - Buying isn't an easy task, it comes along with hidden repair costings which make the process slow. It is hard to estimate all the repair costings and go forward with accurate data. With the help of the repair costing calculating feature, users can easily calculate the right cist and get going conveniently!
  • Property Investment App Investing in properties is mostly once in a lifetime decision that requires a lot of research and hard work to pursue and be clear with a decision. A property investment app can help the buyers to assure if they're investing in the right property! You can install a chatbot for your buyers to help them get instant answers to their queries and let them have the best possible property for themselves. Additionally, the app must have an in-house specialist having ample experience and knowledge regarding the real estate market and can quickly address the buyer's questions and provide them solutions for their issues. As the property market does not remain the same, it is imperative to know the ups and downs and make suitable decisions accordingly.
  • Lead Generation App Leads let the business going. Every lead comes along a long conversation which requires to keep forward in the right manner. Connecting with your buyers is a regular process and mobile apps can help you in making this possible. The form feature of your property listing application can surely help to create leads by letting the users provide their details and the sales team to get connected with them instantly. An app also makes sure that you have instant notifications on any lead and specifications provided by a potential buyer. The users will provide their data and you can connect with them utilizing tracking software such as google analytics for checking how users are using your mobile app and approaching others in the competition.
  • Property Listing App A recent survey states that 93% of the buyers first explore the website's online property listing. Every buyer looking to purchase property firstly looks online for the best possible option and you can surely score high with a smart property listing mobile application. Generally, the listings are for properties on rent, properties for sale, and a combination of both. One can build a property listing platform wherein the owners can easily connect with the buyers and the buyers can quickly have a smooth conversation with each other regarding all the queries.
  • Document Library App Renting or selling a property has a lot of documentation involved which can make it tough to be available instantly. An app can help you gather all the imperative documents in one place and smartly categorize them as per the clients to let them use them accordingly. Clients can easily make use of e-signatures and save their time from always logging in and signing each one by one.
  • Auction App Auctions are exciting! Online auctions are quite an effective method to sell properties, many websites are offering online auctions these days. While the process isn't smooth as it involves bidding, calculating the highest bid, and letting the right person know. Well, online auction applications can help you in making the buying and selling of properties easier! Get an auction app for yourself and get started.

Wrapping Up

It's a competitive era and all you need to elevate your business is creating value for your customers. Users today do not have much time to visit each property and keep on shortlisting the right one. It's the digital era wherein the online platforms have excellent options to let the users choose the right option! Choose the best services and get started with your real estate app development instantly! Find the most suited real estate app development company and get going on the journey of elevated business outcomes.


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