Unlock Fair Pricing & Better Efficiency with Dutch Online Auctions

We enable home sellers & agents to start with a very high price, incrementally lowering the price until someone places a bid, making it different from typical auction markets.

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Why Choose BidHom?

Known for year-long expertise and unparalleled success in developing IDX website for Realtors, BidHom is trusted by renowned brands worldwide for their capabilities to simplify & streamline the auction process for fair pricing & enhanced transparency.

All-Inclusive Auction Platform

Whether you need an easy-to-use interface, a transparent bidding process or secure bid submission, BidHom has everything covered to streamline the listing process of Dutch Online Auctions.

Personalization & Flexibility

We ensure to meet the specific needs with customized services for different auction types giving sellers and agents the freedom and flexibility to set auction conditions, and terms, as desired.

Security & Data Protection

Our platform is known for implementing robust security measures to protect user data, financial transactions, and the integrity of the whole auction process to ensure security & gain trust from both buyers and sellers.

Manage Bidder List

The bidder management process is now simplified with BidHom as information about every bidder is made easily accessible in just a few clicks whether it's buyer name, email, contact, review status, approval status or anything else.

Bidding Records

Keeping track of bidder records is made effortless with a transparent bidding process where it's easy to review all the records of the three rounds involved in Dutch auctions with information about the winners for each round along with the final winner.

Property Watcher Records

BidHom enables agents & sellers to keep all the property watchers updated by sending emails all at once about the final decision of property sale closure during the auction process.


Build your dedicated online auction website with Bidhom


Customize your platform to match with your brand's style & identity


List properties for Dutch auctions and showcase them to your potential clients

How it Works

Streamlining the way you place bids with Classic Online Auctions


Initiate three distinctive rounds for dynamic property bidding to start the auction


Set desired auction time and initial price reductions for the first round


Keep track of all the three rounds with timely review & choose the best


Experience the growth of your Real Estate business in three distinctive rounds

Benefits of Using Dutch Online Auctions

Price Discovery

Dutch auctions offer a fair market value discovery by starting the auction with a higher price & gradually reducing it until a bid is accepted, ensuring a transparent determination of the price that buyers are willing to pay.

Competitive Environment

As Dutch auctions come with a decreasing price structure and multiple rounds, a competitive environment is created leading to higher bids as buyers strive to secure the property at the best possible price.

Faster Sales Process

As Dutch auctions follow structured rounds and decreasing prices, serious buyers can be identified efficiently, which helps to quicken the sales process, making them a suitable choice for sellers or properties for a quick sale.

Enhanced Buyer Engagement

Thanks to the dynamic nature of Dutch auctions that attract & engage buyers who are interested in obtaining value for their investment. Additionally, the evolving prices and competitive aspects of the auction encourage a larger audience to participate.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

With the open and transparent nature of Dutch auctions, there is more clarity in pricing allowing participants to observe the price reductions in real-time, fostering transparency throughout the auction process.

All Property Types

Whether you are dealing with residential, commercial, or unique properties, Dutch auctions are versatile and work for different property types as the format can adapt to different market conditions and asset characteristics.

What Agents & Sellers Are Saying About Us?

We have been partnered for more than 5 years now and the team has done a great job! We use them now and we plan on using them in future!

Robert Friedman - Auction.com

I had an excellent experience working with BidHom. They help me in bringing transparency in bringing more sales. BidHom is an advantage for real estate developers, investors, brokers, and real estate agents.

Andrew Strauss - Simplioffer

BidHom is responsive and delivers more choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for developing a real estate online platform.

Samantha Quek - PreREO

Working with BidHom was a breeze. They created a user-friendly website for my real estate business that has attracted more clients than ever before. I highly recommend their services.

Louis Garcia - TenX

Planning to Simplify the Property Selling Process with Dutch Auctions?

Grab the opportunity to sell properties with fair pricing & transparent bidding approach using Dutch auctions! Connect with our experts to see how BidHom can simplify how online property auctions are conducted.

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What is Dutch Auction?

This type of auction is defined as the auction process where the seller or agents start with a high asking price, which gradually decreases until a home buyer accepts the price & makes a bid. It is completed in three distinctive rounds.

What are the benefits of Dutch Auctions?

Choosing Dutch online auctions can offer a wide range of advantages such as higher efficiency as it creates a sense of urgency & helps encourage buyers to submit their best offer starting from the high price that gradually decreases. Additionally, these auctions are known for fair pricing by helping in determining the market value of property enabling buyers to enter the market at the price they are willing to pay.

How do Dutch online auctions offer more transparency to buyers?

With Dutch auctions, all buyers can see the price being offered & they can make quick and informed decisions to participate in the auction or not.

How BidHom help in conducting Dutch auctions seamlessly?

BidHom is an all-in-one real estate auction platform that enables sellers or agents to conduct auctions easily in just a few simple steps. After creating their auction website, they can list properties for Dutch auctions and showcase them to your potential clients. conduct three distinctive rounds for dynamic property bidding by setting desired auction time and initial price reductions for the first round. Go with the second using a sealed bid auction & compete between the two winners in the last/third round. Feel free to connect with our experts for further queries.

Can the buyer submit an offer below the current auction price?

No, Dutch auctions don't allow buyers to submit an offer below the current auction price as it will be automatically rejected when the offer is below the current auction price. However, the best thing about Dutch auctions is that the starting auction price will keep on decreasing giving buyers more opportunities to bid on their desired price.

Will there be any upfront costs for property listing on Bidhom?

At BidHom, we do not charge any upfront cost associated with the listing of property on the auction. You can start with the free website and choose the desired pricing plan as per your needs.
To know more details on pricing, visit https://www.bidhom.com/pricing

Can I list any property types on Dutch Auctions using BidHom?

Yes, BidHom enables sellers & agents to bid and sell a wide range of property types whether it's residential, commercial, or unique properties as Dutch auctions are quite versatile and support all property types.

Is it possible to keep track of all the bidding processes with BidHom?

BidHom offers real-time tracking functionality enabling everyone involved in the auction process to keep track of every activity & help them stay informed throughout the entire auction process.

As a potential buyer, how will I know if my offer has been accepted?

If your offer meets the auction price at that point, it will be accepted automatically. Also, you will be informed personally via email or other means that your offer has been accepted.

Will BidHom also help in marketing & promotions of properties listed?

Yes, when you use BidHom, our expert marketing team helps home sellers, agents & brokers to list properties & help promote them to the right audience using robust marketing strategies for better opportunities & close deals faster. Feel free to connect with the BidHom team for any type of marketing services you need.