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Dive into the power of the digital property revolution to help customers bid in auctions, buy, and make a purchase seamlessly across borders!

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Why Choose BidHom?

Having year-long expertise & capabilities to boost the online presence of real estate businesses,
BidHom is the trusted Real Estate Online Auction Software that simplifies & streamlines the home buying & selling auction process for quicker closure at the best price.


Our seamless & intuitive interface enables bidders & sellers to navigate through the auction process, browse listings, place bids, & monitor all auction activities in real time.

Bidding System

For a transparent & fair bidding system, we use robust security measures to protect against fraudulent activities and ensure that bid increments are clearly defined.

Complete Auction Management Tools

From easy listing procedures to advanced analytics & reporting features, we offer all-inclusive auction management tools for home sellers to optimize their auctions.

Manage Bidders Registration

BidHom has simplified the bidder management process by making information about every bidder registered like buyer name, email, contact, review, approval status and more easily accessible in just a few clicks!

Bidding Records

For a transparent bidding process, BidHom makes it easy to keep track of bidding records effortlessly whether it's the starting bid, the last bid, or the high bids of bidders along with the approval status.

Property Watcher Records

With BidHom's property watcher records, agents & brokers can keep all the property watchers updated by sending emails all at once about the final decision of property sale closure during the auction process.

property watcher records

Create your branded auction website with Bidhom

create your branded auction website

Customize your platform to match your brand's style and identity

customize your platform

List properties and showcase them to your clients

list properties

How it Works

Streamlining the way you place bids with Classic Online Auctions


Ensure that your clients are well-informed about the bid increment

bid increment

Keep track of all the bidders with timely review & choose the best

keep track of all the bidders

Experience the growth of your Real Estate business in no time

Real Estate business

Unlock Immense Benefits with BidHom

Streamlining the way you place bids with Classic Online Auctions

More Exposure

Bidhom enable agents to use Classic online auctions and showcase a wide range of properties to a global audience beyond traditional geographical boundaries.

Effective Marketing

Agents & brokers can make use of the auction platform using efficient marketing & promotion strategies of properties to help attract serious & motivated buyers.

Competitive Bidding

With the competitive nature of auctions, agents can capitalize on the bidding process to maximize returns for their clients resulting in maximum selling prices.

Higher Sale Price

As the Auction process involves multiple bidders that bid for a single property, a competitive environment is created, which potentially drives up the sale price.

Time-Sensitive Sales

BidHom enables sellers to set a specific auction duration to create a sense of urgency among buyers, which encourages prompt decision-making and accelerates sales.

Control Over Terms

To conduct auctions through Bidhom, sellers don't need an auctioneer license & have control over the auction terms like the starting bid, reserve price, and auction duration.

What Agents & Sellers Are Saying About Us?

We have been partnered for more than 5 years now and the team has done a great job! We use them now and we plan on using them in future!

Robert Friedman -

I had an excellent experience working with BidHom. They help me in bringing transparency in bringing more sales. BidHom is an advantage for real estate developers, investors, brokers, and real estate agents.

Andrew Strauss - Simplioffer

BidHom is responsive and delivers more choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for developing a real estate online platform.

Samantha Quek - PreREO

Working with BidHom was a breeze. They created a user-friendly website for my real estate business that has attracted more clients than ever before. I highly recommend their services.

Louis Garcia - TenX

Ready to host an Auction & sell property with ease?

BidHom has everything you need to host a classic online auction on your website or sell a property by
connecting with potential buyers & choosing the best bid for a quicker and more efficient property selling process.
Contact us today!

Our Clientele

Brokers who revolutionized their real estate business with Bidhom.


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How does the Bidhom auction platform work?

Using BidHom is easy! All you need to do is get started by building your real estate website, customize it based on your brand’s identity, and list the property for auction with required information like starting bid, time duration, etc. After that, allow clients to start bidding and make them stay aware of bid increments, keep track of bidders and close the deal with the best buyer.

What are the property types that can be listed on Bidhom?

With an IDX MLS-integrated real estate website, you can reach global audiences by offering the latest property listings and appearing in search engine searches.

Are there any upfront costs for property listing on Bidhom?

Bidhom offers the best real estate website design with IDX and MLS integration. It offers the best user experience and unmatched auction ease. You can start your real estate website for free and set up auctions in multiple formats.

Will BidHom provide any marketing support for the promotion of listed properties?

You must go for an online auction platform builder that offers IDX/MLS integration, property listing management, bidding tracking, marketing tools, and transaction tracking.

While listing for auction, can I set a reserve price for my property?

Bidhom allows you to personalize your broker website with a variety of ready-to-use designs, layouts, and brand kits. You can easily customize your Bidhom broker website per your brand requirements to create consistency.

What kind of documentation is needed to list a property on Bidhom?

Yes, Bidhom aligns with local real estate regulations and laws. It ensures 100% compliance with industry standards and legal requirements.

Will Bidhom help to handle buyer qualifications and due diligence?

Bidhom provides complete customer support to help you navigate through the setup process and thereafter.

Will there be support for navigating technical issues during the auction?

Bidhom is scalable and allows you to add more agents, explore new markets, and expand your business at any point.

What are the costs associated with using Bidhom?

Bidhom offers a variety of pricing plans, including setting up a free real estate website. Contact the sales team today to find out which plan is more suitable for your brokerage business.

Can I integrate Bidhom with my existing tools and systems?

Yes, you can easily integrate Bidhom with other software and tools to ensure seamless interaction and working.

How do I get started with the Bidhom auction platform builder?

It's easy; you can get started by setting up a free website and later can customize your broker website per your requirements and brand image.