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Thrive with 30% Commission

When you bring business to Bidhom, you get a staggering 30% commission as soon as we get paid. Our transparent and prompt commission system ensures your success aligns with ours.

Earn More with More Conversions

Bidhom has a reputation for achieving quick conversions owing to the pathbreaking platform we offer. Witness a considerable boost in your earnings with more conversions.

Extended Cookie Duration

Even when a customer you referred comes after a while, you get the commission. Bidhom offers prolonged cookie duration, broadening the chances of conversions and ultimately increasing income.

Bidhom Partner Program
is Tailored for You.

The Bidhom Partner Program is meticulously designed to create lasting associations. Bidhom is an easy-to-market online auction platform that attracts prospective clients easily. With an effortlessly simple setup, the program is designed to be accessible to everyone. Seize the chance to enhance your income and connect with Bidhom's partner program, tailored to empower every participant.

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Bidhom's partner program comes with ease and proven success.

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Be assured of guaranteed payouts—a reliable and secure reward system for your efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the eligibility criteria to join the real estate partner affiliate program?

    • There are absolutely no eligibility criteria to join the Bidhom Partner Program. If you have quality connections in the real estate space and can bring business to Bidhom, you can start by joining the partner program.

  • How are commissions calculated, and when are payouts made?

    • As soon as we receive payment from the client you referred, you get upto 30% of the amount as commission. We release the commission payment within a week.

  • Is there a limit on the number of clients I can refer, and are there any restrictions on the geographical location of referrals?

    • There's no such limit on client referrals. You can refer as many clients as you want and get paid as soon as the clients buy Bidhom subscriptions.

  • Are there any upfront costs or fees associated with joining the real estate partner affiliate program?

    • No, there aren't any hidden costs associated with Bidhom's partner program. It boosts your earnings with great commission amounts without imposing any upfront costs or fees.

  • How is customer support handled for referred clients through the partner program?

    • There's 24/7 client support for every kind of query at Bidhom. You, as a partner, can reach out to our round-the-clock support services for resolving any partner program query. The client we onboard through your referrals also gets complete support at Bidhom.