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  • March 21st, 2023
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As we are aware of the importance of lead generation in the real estate business, agents are struggling to boost their presence in their social networks. One of the best ways to curate engaging content that showcases the full potential of your property listing is to capture the attention of your target audience. As Facebook is the most common social media network where almost every user is active, targeting your audience with some of the best Facebook post ideas will help to drive lead generation efforts.

In this blog, we will check out how the well-developed Real Estate Agent Website with IDX and the best Facebook post ideas can boost your real estate business with quality leads

Significance of Facebook for Your Real Estate Business

Facebook is the most popular social media network when it comes to making a presence in the real estate business. With an average monthly increase of 2.96 billion users, the lead generation opportunity that Facebook provides for businesses is endless. To grab these benefits, real estate agents can showcase their offerings to a diverse and expansive audience with the help of a wide range of marketing & advertising formats.

Making use of engaging image and video content is a great way to showcase property offerings, which helps agents to increase their brand awareness while connecting with their interested potential buyers effortlessly.

Do's & Don'ts To Consider by Real Estate Agents for Facebook Marketing Recommendations

Every social media platforms have its set of recommendations that real estate agents must consider to maximize their lead generation efforts. Here are some of the top aspects that real estate agents must consider while using Facebook for its lead generation activities.


  • By making use of the social media platform's detailed demographic targeting options, such as location and age, real estate agents can promote and run ads to leads that reside in the same location as your property listings and even target an age group that is more financially qualified to buy a home.
  • Focus on using the video content capabilities to engage leads in a better way & offer a more realistic property view. Research by NAR says properties listed with videos are more likely to achieve 4 times more inquiries than the ones that are posted without.
  • Use customized carousel ad format to showcase multiple properties enabling leads to view more property listings in a single view, thereby increasing the likelihood of a lead being enticed by an offering and faster closures.
  • To give detailed information on properties such as property pricing, bedroom numbers, location, etc., we can make use of concise and transparent copy within your social media posts, providing a better way to build trust with prospective buyers and gain qualified leads.


  • Low-quality landing pages linked within your social media post are one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. This acts as a medium to help users decide whether to go with the purchase or not. If you opt for high-quality landing pages with accurate property listing info & make them visually appealing, users are more likely to close the sales faster.
  • Don't make use of poor targeting practices, as this can lead to a negative impact by making the best advertising effort go wasted and increasing visibility among the wrong audience. This will not only bring failure to the campaign performance but also impact quality lead generation.
  • Low-performance tracking of the campaign can impact the longevity of success associated with a specific advertising campaign. That is why making use of the Facebook analytics platform helps to visualize the results of your advertising. Without extracting insights from data, you can harm your lead generation efforts.

5 Ideas to Consider by Real Estate Agents for Facebook Posts

After ensuring that you build a well-planned and best real estate website for brokers, it is crucial to ensure that you developed a baseline and parameters for your advertising activity to grab the best benefits.

Here are some of the ways to consider while writing social media posts related to real estate and implement them into your schedule to unlock enhanced results.

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • As more and more users in real estate are active on Facebook, the best way to reach your target audience is through social media, especially Facebook. Acting as a major lead generator, Facebook Lead Ads can help to target and capture leads that have purchasing intent within the platform.

    The best thing is that there is no need to use landing pages, simplifying how users submit their information, as it is done through the pre-filled form in the lead ads.

  • Video Content
  • Today, users have no time to read and they prefer watching videos to understand anything. The same goes for the real estate sector, making videos is a great way to communicate with leads and make them aware of your business. Making video posts on property listings for Facebook to make agents connect with leads.

    Some ideas are to share educational videos aligned with marketing goals and showcase properties in an appealing way.

  • Imagery
  • Focus on using photos anywhere while posting on Facebook, whether it's blog posts, tips and tricks, and quick hacks. Visual elements in pictures prove to be easier to remember than any other medium. As per the research, people are likely to remember a post with an image as compared to a post without one.

    An additional tip is to take the help of professional designers and photographers to create posts with appealing pictures of property listings, helping you acquire more likes and shares.

  • Blog Posts
  • To make use of social media posts in a great way, it is essential to keep an active blog on the website, enabling brands to create real estate social media posts. Blogging has been recorded to increase lead generation by up to 67%, helping to gain more traffic from the search engine.

    Blogging can help brands to establish themselves in an effective way helping turn traffic into life-long customers with higher brand authority and awareness.

  • Quotes
  • Making use of quotes related to the target audience is the way to post real estate-related social media posts. Posting quotes on Facebook can improve ranking & increase Facebook reach. If your target audience likes the quotes you share, they are likely to engage with your quote posts and will continue to see your additional content.

Final Takeaways

After getting a bunch of ideas for Facebook posts that real estate agents can make use of, it's time to take a step ahead and build a digital presence with a website & mobile app for real estate to simplify the lead generation process with Facebook presence.

Bidhom is an all-in-one real estate management platform that enables real estate firms- startups and enterprises to simplify the lead generation process using social media platforms like Facebook. With year-long expertise in helping brands build quality leads in a short time, our team can offer a wide range of services - from real estate app development, marketing, and lead generation to integration services that enable real estate agents to get the best leads effortlessly.


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