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  • March 26, 2024
  • Reading time about 5 minutes

What’s the best thing you can do to boost your business and sustain it in a highly cluttered real estate market? Investing in an efficient real estate platform that can multiply your reach and generate leads through efficient listing and offer management. Many real estate website builders on the market offers IDX website for realtors, but there are only a few that are highly customizable and relevant. BidHom and Placester tick so many important boxes when it comes to turning a real estate agent website into a lead magnet.

This post will discuss the pros and cons of BidHom and Placester so you know which platform aligns best with your real estate business. Let’s start by discussing the features.

Round 1: Features and Functionalities


Placester is a reputable real estate website builder that offers a custom website platform for agents and brokers to list properties and close deals online. They provide a codeless IDX website for realtors with quick setup, maintenance, and content management. On a surface level, they help you build a full-fledged real estate website, but it stops there.

While Placester excels in creating and managing website for realtors, it lacks the specialized features for auctions, dynamic homepage customization, and advanced AI/ML capabilities that BidHom offers.

Here’s what Placester offers:

· Codeless Website Building

· Content Creation and Social Media

· Integrated CRM

· Maintenance and Updates

· Comprehensive Website Features

· Mobile App


BidHom is one of its kind, a real estate auction management platform catering to the diverse needs of realtors. It allows brokers to conduct various auctions (classic online, live event, insider online, multiparcel, highest and best offer), and traditional listing options. It offers dynamic dashboards to agents, brokers, and buyers with advanced property value estimation tools, asset alerts, and the option to save searches.

Here are the distinguishing features of BidHom that set it apart:

· Theme-based Website Designs

· Auction Platform

· Traditional Listing

· Transaction Management

· User Roles & Permissions

· Listings Management – Up to 250 Free Listings

· Agent Dashboard

· Buyer Dashboard

· Property Value Estimator Bot

· Asset Alerts

· Social Media Sharing

· Property List and Map View

· Email & CMS Management (Page Builder)

· Buyer Management

· IDX and MLS Integration (Add-ons)

· White Label Solutions

· AI/ML Learning for Buying Behavior

Round 2: Pricing


Placester has three pricing models for their clients: do it yourself, do it for me, and do it for me, along with content. Their pricing starts at $79 per month, which is billed annually. This do-it-yourself offer has no set-up fee and allows realtors to build their real estate agent websites. Their do-it-for-me model has a one-time setup cost of $500 and a monthly subscription fee of $119 that gets billed annually.

Their third pricing model is apt for businesses that want content marketing services as well. With a setup cost of $500, this plan has a subscription fee of $239 per month that is billed annually.


BidHom gets an edge over Placester as it has no setup cost and offers much more than website building at affordable prices. It offers four pricing options to agents and brokers.

1. Zero-cost plan: BidHom allows realtors to build their real estate agent websites at zero cost. With a real estate website builder, realtors get a dynamic homepage, property value estimator, and buyers/sellers guide. It allows realtors to list up to five properties for free.

2. Agent’s plan: With $250 monthly, this plan doesn’t have any setup costs. Agents can build their website on their domain and have a robust auction platform to conduct dynamic auctions. With a complete buyer, listing, and offer management offered, it allows agents to build their white-labeled IDX website.

3. Broker’s plan: Exclusively crafted for brokers, the broker’s plan is available for $500 per month with no setup fee. Brokers can list up to 250 properties with no added cost. With multiple marketing automation, brokers can ace email, CMS management, and social media sharing.

It’s Verdict Time.

What truly sets BidHom apart from Placester is its wide set of features that go beyond website building. Its comprehensive auction platform is tailored to the specific needs of the realtors. Many leading players like Placester focus on robust website building, while BidHom does more than that by covering a wide range of auctions, including classic online auctions, live event auctions, insider online auctions, multiparcel auctions, and highest and best offer auctions.

This auction-centric approach expands realtors’ bandwidth and allows them to generate good business. The significant areas where BidHom ticks the boxes at par with Placester are website building, property listing, lead capture, CRM integration, mobile accessibility, property search, and content management. However, what differentiates BidHom from every real estate tool on the market is a long list of pathbreaking features.

If you’re a broker planning to build your IDX website, BidHom’s broker’s plan is truly worth investing in. It will automate listing, auction, offer, and transaction management for you, leaving more time to refine your success mantra. As an agent, you can trust BidHom’s agent plan for building a real estate agent website to become a lead magnet and conduct successful online auctions. BidHom is pocket-friendly, feature-packed, and highly customizable. Start your free website today and experience the difference.