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Take your real estate business to new heights with a free IDX website, marketing automation, auction management, and much more with Bidhom.

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Integrate Automation in Your Real Estate Business

It's all about staying ahead of the curve with the latest real estate listings on your website and getting quality leads. Bidhom automation helps you manage agents, auctions, and much more.

Gain a Competitive Edge With IDX/MLS Integration

Steer success in the digital space with IDX and MLS integration by adding the latest listings to your brokerage website. Updated listings multiply your website’s search engine visibility and allow you to capture a wider audience. Let Bidhom take the lead in lead generation for your brokerage business.

Automate Real Estate Marketing

Boost your real estate brokerage brand with customization, automated marketing, and innovative branding features. Real estate marketing automation helps you automate email campaigns, social media strategies, and targeted advertising campaigns. Allow Bidhom to build a consistent brand image of your brokerage business.

Easy Listing Management

Manage property listings with easy controls, media integration, schedule automation, and much more. User-friendly listing management allows you to add, edit, and update property listings and capture the attention of potential buyers through social media integration. Ensure a superior experience for agents and clients with Bidhom.

Real-time Analytics

Experience real-time analytics and reporting to formulate better strategies and offer your agents 100% transparency. Real estate analytics empowers your brokerage business with valuable insights, agent performance metrics, performance tracking, and enhanced forecasts. Stay on top of informed decision-making and performance monitoring with Bidhom.

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Reliable Digital Presence

Build a free IDX MLS-integrated real estate app for a reliable web and mobile presence. Reach a wider audience and meet their dynamic needs through a free broker website with Bidhom.

Complete Auction Automation

Minimize manual work with automated auction management to save time and money. Focus on providing better customer service with Bidhom brokerage solutions.

Multiplied Reach & Sales

Multiply your reach with MLS integration and feature the latest listings on your free broker website. Offer diverse auction formats to your potential clients to sell properties faster.

Save on Time & Cost

Focus on crucial business development activities while the Bidhom website takes care of listing properties, accepting bids, and generating reports.

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We have been partnered for more than 5 years now and the team has done a great job! We use them now and we plan on using them in future!

Robert Friedman - Auction.com

I had an excellent experience working with BidHom. They help me in bringing transparency in bringing more sales. BidHom is an advantage for real estate developers, investors, brokers, and real estate agents.

Andrew Strauss - Simplioffer

BidHom is responsive and delivers more choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for developing a real estate online platform.

Samantha Quek - PreREO

Working with BidHom was a breeze. They created a user-friendly website for my real estate business that has attracted more clients than ever before. I highly recommend their services.

Louis Garcia - TenX

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How does Bidhom benefit real estate brokers?

Bidhom provides a dynamic platform for real estate brokers to conduct auctions, expanding their reach and increasing property visibility. Brokers can attract a larger pool of potential buyers, creating competitive bidding environments that often result in better deals.

Is there a requirement for an auctioneer license to conduct auctions on Bidhom?

You require no auctioneer license to conduct online auctions on Bidhom. Bidhom is designed to be an accessible and user-friendly platform for conducting online auctions. It streamlines the process to make it easy for auctioneers to participate without the need for a specific auctioneer license.

What types of properties are suitable for auction on Bidhom?

Bidhom accommodates various property types, from residential homes and commercial spaces to land and investment properties. Brokers can leverage the platform for a diverse range of listings, attracting buyers with different preferences.

How does Bidhom address confidentiality and privacy issues related to property listings?

Bidhom prioritizes the security and privacy of property listings. Brokers have control over the level of information disclosed, ensuring that sensitive details are protected while still providing enough information to attract potential buyers.

Can brokers customize Bidhom auctions to match their brand and client preferences?

Absolutely. Bidhom offers customization options, allowing brokers to brand their auctions and tailor the experience to match their unique identity. This includes branding elements, auction settings, and promotional materials.

What marketing tools does Bidhom provide to help brokers promote auctions?

Bidhom equips brokers with marketing tools to enhance auction visibility. These include promotional banners, website customization, and email campaigns. Brokers can effectively reach their audience and generate interest in their property listings.

How does Bidhom handle the bidding process, and what features encourage a competitive bidding environment?

Bidhom provides a transparent and competitive bidding environment. Features such as real-time bidding updates, automatic bid increments, and a user-friendly interface contribute to a seamless and engaging bidding process, encouraging active participation.

What support and resources does Bidhom offer to brokers using the platform?

Bidhom provides comprehensive support, including complete chat support, documentation, real estate expertise, technical support, and customer service. Brokers can access resources to maximize their use of the platform and ensure a seamless auction experience for both them and their clients