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  • January 24, 2024
  • Reading time about 5 minutes

Every other real estate website is showcasing listings on their website. What can your website offer visitors to engage them? The questions will trigger many thoughts in your mind. As a realtor thriving in a competitive market, you must have considered all viable options to boost your business.

But here’s a harsh reality!

The top 10 search results on any search engine get the most attention from internet users who are looking for a property. It takes time and strong domain authority to appear in top searches. If your real estate business isn’t among the top results when a user searches for a house, you need to consider other options.

If there’s one way realtors can make their website stand out, it is by using compelling content for their benefit.

This blog will discuss how content can be a game-changer for a real estate website’s success. But before that, let’s discuss what the pain points are.

What’s the challenge?

There is more than one challenge when competing against websites with strong domain authority and massive advertising budgets.

· Limited Online Visibility

· Building Credibility

· Competing with established brands

· Limited marketing budget

· Slow business growth

· Tech Challenges

· Networking Difficulties

· Limited resources for content creation

· Adapting to market trends

· Client acquisition costs

But the good news is that the success of a website is not solely dependent on its age or ad spend.

Content is indeed king when it comes to organic marketing. Let’s figure out how.

Microblogging: How and why can it help your real estate business?

When it comes to the real estate space, microblogging is all about sharing quick, bite-sized updates about listings across different social media platforms. It requires you to keep things short, sweet, and frequent. Here’s how it plays out:

1. Property Scoops: Provide updates on new listings, price tweaks, and other must-know details.

2. Market Trends: Share brief insights on what’s hot, and what’s not, and the buzz around local real estate trends.

3. Pro Tips: Lend some advice for homebuyers and sellers, served up in bite-sized content pieces.

4. Auction Promotions: Share announcements about open houses, real estate events, and anything else happening on the property scene or online.

5. Chat Time: Engage with your audience, answer questions, and dive into real estate conversations—it’s all about keeping it light and lively.

6. Visual Content: While words do the talking, don’t forget to share some pictures or short videos to give everyone a sneak peek at those stunning properties.

To double the impact, you can integrate your property listings with microblog content on your IDX website for realtors. For example, you can embed YouTube videos, such as aerial drone views of nearby attractions, on property listing pages to engage potential buyers.

Embedding Useful Content for SEO Boost

The secret behind an SEO boost on your page is the smart integration of maps and videos on real estate agent websites. For example, a property listing near a public park can feature an embedded YouTube video showcasing the green side of the location. Accompanied by a central map and a great description, this combination will boost your site’s SEO and enhance the user experience.

Writing What Users Want to Read

You can easily engage the users if you post what they want to read. There are tools that you can use to calculate site traffic, spot popular pages, and accordingly modify your content strategy. Researching keywords is another way to know what people have been searching for. Let’s say the most searched keyword is waterfront house in Florida. You can easily write a microblogging piece on this topic to grab the audience’s attention.

Telling them What They didn’t Know

You have featured a new listing on your real estate brokerage website, and you want to draw the attention of the right audience. It’s easy! Tell them something unique about the listing. You can adopt a unique storytelling approach by revealing unique features, celebrity connections, and historical connections. It will help your listing stand out and attract great quotations. Great traffic means greater chances of lead conversion.

Rather, show them

Sharing a great portfolio of a property you are going to set up an auction for can onboard a lot of leads beforehand. Social media is where users are looking for their dream houses. What’s presented aesthetically often attracts the right audience. By putting a great video or pictorial portfolio on social media, you can garner leads, ensure auction participation, expect a higher bidding amount, and ultimately build a great real estate business.

The Way Ahead

If you are wondering how you can set up a microblog for your real estate agent website, we have a solution for you. What if we told you that you could craft, share, and manage content with a single click? There’s no mischief here. An IDX website for realtors allows you to list the most recent listings on your website, automate marketing and communication, and manage content like a pro.

Bidhom is what you need. Bidhom is an online auction management platform with IDX/MLS integration and a built-in content management mechanism. It’s easy to share updates, automate communication, and manage leads with Bidhom. Its user-friendly interface makes it an absolute favorite of many brokers and agents. Bidhom has helped realtors transform their businesses. You can be the next!