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  • July 4, 2024
  • Reading time about 6 minutes

Many realtors are shying away from one essential upgrade because they think they aren’t that tech savvy to pull off the process. Yes, we are talking about real estate website development. 

Often, the website development process is presumed to be a complex technical process that requires technical knowledge and a hefty investment. But that restricts a lot of real estate businesses from reaching the potential they can achieve. However, advanced real estate website builders like BidHom have started to change that perception. If you wonder how that is going to make things easier, this blog will reveal how BidHom allows you to customize your real estate agent website and empowers you with advanced features.   

Why is having an Online Presence important?  

A home buyer who wants to explore his options looks for promising properties online. They browse through different real estate agent websites on different search engines and go for the ones that are ranked higher or are spending good money on advertising. In both scenarios, having an online presence is the first step toward generating business.   

Even if you have secured some potential clients offline via networking or open house events, they will still search your real estate agent website to double check your credibility. Real estate businesses that are working on the offline model are also considering building their real estate agent website for this very purpose. If your business doesn’t have a robust website and some well-displayed reviews, chances are your real estate business won’t come across as credible as it is in reality.   

What’s Stopping Realtors from Building their Real Estate Agent Website?   

The complexity, high costs involved, and ongoing maintenance changes.   

The list will get even longer if we include all the factors that prevent realtors from building their websites. Realtors are often frazzled by the hefty website development costs. Hiring professional developers or a consulting partner involves a huge upfront cost. Those who are just starting and are running their business on tight budgets can find it overwhelming for their revenues. Besides, the complexities involved can discourage some realtors. Realtors who lack technical expertise are without a roadmap when they choose a traditional website development route.   

What’s the alternative route for those who don’t want technical complexities and heavy fixed costs?   

Real estate website builders are emerging as an ideal answer to this question. Real estate website builders like BidHom are highly intuitive and can set up your real estate agent website in a few simple steps.   

Set up a Real Estate Agent Website with BidHom   

Unlike other real estate website builders, which offer generic templates and limited layout options with a complex sign-up process, BidHom puts you at ease right from the beginning. After signing up, you can easily manage website creation from a highly intuitive dashboard. 

 From choosing the primary domain to applying favicons, you are the boss of website design. You can set the desired headings and align the different sections as per your branding theme and content strategy.   

The dashboard allows you to configure MLS integration for your website to ensure you always feature the latest listings on your real estate agent website. The intuitive dashboard is easy to navigate and update. Setting up a real estate agent website is easy, and any realtor can do this without having to indulge in the technicalities of website development.   

BidHom Prioritizes User Experience. Here’s How!   

The user experience has become the focal point of every real estate business. If you are setting up a real estate website, make sure it:  

  • Is easy to navigate   
  • Has responsive real estate website design   
  • Loads faster   
  • Has search and filter options   
  • Has interactive maps   
  • Offers virtual tour   
  • Has clear CTAs  
  • Features reviews and testimonials   

BidHom checks all the boxes and even more when it comes to delivering the best user experience with advanced features. Let’s take a closer look.   

  1. Latest Listings  

If your real estate agent website doesn’t showcase the most recent listings, you might lose in the SEO race. BidHom offers easy IDX and MLS integrations that allow your real estate agent websites to pull the latest and most relevant listings directly from the MLS data. By featuring the latest listings, you can generate more leads and capture them efficiently.  

  1. Efficient Listing Management   

Mere listing the latest listings on your real estate agent website isn’t sufficient. Efficient listing management, such as compelling specifications, descriptions, multimedia, mapping, and setting a document vault, is also significant. BidHom allows you to do it all in a few simple steps.   

  1. Effective Auction Management   

Not all real estate website builders allow you to conduct online auctions on your website. BidHom is an online auction management platform that offers efficient bidder registration, offer management, and successful closings. You can set up auctions in some simple steps and conduct different types of auctions to get the best prize for the property.   

  1. Advanced Analytics   

It has become almost impossible to imagine a business thriving without the help of data analytics these days. With so much user data on the loose, it has become important to know at every step where you are headed, what you can improve, and how to sustain yourself in a cluttered market. Advanced analytics empowers BidHom with the ability to offer valuable insights to realtors on their auctions, listings, and websites.  

Make a Free Website Today!

Unlike any other real estate website builder, BidHom lets you get started for free. Build your website and start listing properties at no cost. When you’re ready for advanced features, you can purchase them in affordable packages. Whether you’re an agent or broker, we tailor BidHom to meet your unique needs.