Real Estate Website Builders
  • February 2, 2024
  • Reading time about 8 minutes

Building a real estate listing website doesn’t happen by fluke. A few years ago, creating a real estate website meant having a digital presence. But real estate has embraced new dimensions of digital transformation since then. Today, having the best real estate agent websites with IDX and MLS integration has become a requisite to attract, engage, and retain clients. 

According to NAR, 86% of the member brokers and agents have their real estate listing websites. That says a lot about the rising popularity of digital platforms to buy and sell properties. 

This blog will discuss the top real estate website builders and marketing platforms in detail. But before that, let’s understand what the pain points are for realtors in building real estate listing websites. 

Why Real Estate Website Builders and Marketing Platforms Do the Job Better?   

It is important to understand why building real estate websites for realtors can be tricky. Realtors at different scales have different limitations while creating real estate websites. Below are the major pain points faced by agents and brokers and how website builders solve them. 

Pain Points Solutions 
1. Complexity of Development Website Builders: User-friendly website builders require minimal technical expertise. 
Templates: Professionally designed templates can be used for a polished and functional website without starting from scratch. 
Training: Invest in training or support services provided by website builder platforms. 
2. MLS and IDX Integration Challenges Platforms with Built-In Integration: Real estate platforms offer seamless MLS and IDX integration. 
Technical Support: Technical support services are offered for assistance with integration issues. 
3. Time Constraints for Realtors Time-Efficient Builders: Website builders streamline the development process, saving time for realtors. 
Pre-built Solutions: There are pre-built solutions that require minimal customization, reducing time investment. 
4. Marketing Challenges Built-In Marketing Tools: Platforms with built-in marketing tools facilitate lead generation forms and SEO options. 
5. Design and Branding Difficulties Professional Templates: Website builders offer customizable, professional templates that align with the brand. 
Consistent Branding: Consistent branding across the website is feasible to enhance professionalism and brand recognition. 

Now that we know what problems website builders and online real estate platforms address, let’s have a look at the top real estate website builders and marketing platforms. 

Top Platforms and Website Builders to Lookout for  

Automation is on realtors’ minds, and with that comes a wave of website builders and online platforms. Why is it important to invest in a customizable solution? Every real estate business is unique and has its own set of opportunities and setbacks. Below are some of the best website builders of our time that can be a suitable pick for realtors. 


Ylopo is an advanced technology platform that helps real estate brokers, agents, and teams run their businesses with a mobile-optimized IDX website with a clean and subtle design. Ylopo is suitable for you if: 

  • You want to leverage smart Facebook advertising for lead generation.  
  • Automation is important, and you prefer running social media campaigns on autopilot.  
  • 24/7 engagement with leads through a proprietary AI chatbot is a priority.  
  • Maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS) is a key objective.  
  • You value a comprehensive lead management solution with Follow-Up Boss integration.  
  • Rapidly expanding your stream of quality leads is a focus.  


AgentFire allows agents and brokers to set up a website within 48 hours and can also integrate it with their CRM system. With unique ClickMaps, an automated home valuation system, IDX search, content writing tools, and branding design, AgentFire becomes an absolute fit for real estate businesses that are looking for up-to-date listing management and branding assistance. 

AgentFire is suitable for realtors who are: 

  • Looking for quick website development within a hyperlocal market.  
  • Prioritizing mobile-friendly website designs.  
  • Budget-conscious and wants to test new markets without significant upfront costs.  
  • Interested in organic growth over time.  
  • In need of various customization options, including Express Setup, Semi-Custom Design, and Custom Design 
  • Seeking SEO and pay-per-click campaign management for improved search rankings.  
  • Preferring a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop website builder.  

Real Geeks  

Real Geeks is a suitable website builder for realtors who wish to enhance their digital presence with MLS search features. Real Geeks offers Facebook marketing tools and a dedicated mobile app, offering advanced features. Real Geeks is suitable for realtors who: 

Real Geeks is suitable for realtors who: 

  • Want to enhance their digital presence with thorough MLS search features and Facebook marketing tools.
  • Prefer a dedicated client mobile app for real-time property updates.  
  • Seek IDX-capable websites with excellent mobile optimization.  
  • Value property value tools, email automation, and market reports.  
  • Require SMS auto-responders for efficient communication.  
  • Aim to accelerate ad creation through the Facebook Marketing Tool.  
  • Desire assistance from an in-house Facebook marketing team for ad management.  
  • Need an easy-to-navigate interface for quick real estate website building.  
  • Focus on lead generation with prominently featured IDX software on website homepages.  
  • Work in established teams and require less ongoing support, especially with lead flow optimization through integration with Follow-Up Boss.  


What makes Bidhom an ideal choice for realtors is that it is more than just a website builder. It is an online auction platform with IDX/MLS integration, a customizable interface, marketing automation, listing, and offer management.   

Bidhom is suitable for realtors who: 

  • Value customization and white-labeled branding. 
  • Need diverse auction options, including classic and insider auctions. 
  • Seek credibility-building through personalized metrics and tailored property estimates.  
  • Prioritize MLS configuration for streamlined listings and efficient exposure.  
  • Want effortless listing expansion with easy-to-update property specs 
  • Appreciate immersive showcasing with 3D virtual tour features.  
  • Require secure document management with a dedicated vault.  
  • Seek streamlined offer management with custom pages and counteroffer processes.  
  • Value centralized negotiations and efficient closure tracking.  
  • Prefer seamless integrations with platforms like IDX Broker, Bright MLS, RealNex, Buildout, and Sharp Launch.  
  • Appreciate real-time analytics through reports and dashboards.  
  • Require responsive customer support via live chat, email, and WhatsApp.  
  • Value property value estimation tools for engaging visitors and lead generation.  

Here’s a glance at when an auction platform is more suitable for realtors and when a website builder alone can do the job. 

Criteria When Auction Platforms are Better When Website Builders are Better 
Auction-Focused Features Ideal for businesses heavily involved in online auctions. Suitable for those primarily focused on traditional listings. 
Real-Time Bidding Dynamics Effective for engaging buyers in real-time bidding events. May lack advanced bidding dynamics, suitable for static listings. 
Dynamic Property Showcasing Great for showcasing properties through immersive auctions. Better for static property presentations and traditional listings. 
Bidding Process Management Efficient for managing the entire bidding process centrally. May not offer as robust bidding process management features. 
Specialized Auction Types Suitable for various auction types, such as insider auctions. May not have specialized features for diverse auction scenarios. 
Advanced Offer Management Offers advanced features for negotiating and managing offers. Basic offer management tools may not be as comprehensive. 
Dynamic Pricing Strategies Allows for dynamic pricing strategies in real-time auctions. More suited for fixed pricing strategies in traditional listings. 
Auction-Specific Analytics Provides analytics tailored to auction performance metrics. General analytics may not offer detailed insights into auction dynamics. 
Bidder Interaction and Engagement Optimized for real-time bidder interaction and engagement. May not offer the same level of bidder engagement during the listing. 
Efficient Closing Tracking Streamlines the closing process with real-time updates. Closing tracking features may not be as detailed or real-time. 
Integrations with Auction Platforms Integrates seamlessly with other auction-specific platforms. Integrations may be more focused on traditional real estate tools. 
Support for Auction-Specific Documents Designed to handle documents relevant to auction transactions. May not offer specialized support for auction-specific documentation. 
Customization for Auction Branding Allows for customization specific to auction branding. Customization may be more general and not as tailored for auctions. 

If you are a real estate business that is thinking of having a one-stop solution for all your business needs, Bidhom is the right platform to invest. We have helped realtors achieve next-level autonomy in conducting auctions and managing their offers.