understanding the concept of real estate offer management system
  • November 30, 2023
  • Reading time about 5 minutes

The real estate market has grown tremendously and is considered one of the most competitive markets. Home sellers often struggle to find a buyer quickly when they need to list the property for sale. For instance, listing your property in the MLS and handling multiple offers can be hard work. That is where you need a good Real Estate Offers Management Platform that helps home sellers control the process easily.

In this blog, we will learn the significance of the real estate offer management system and how it works to make the home selling process easy and quick for sellers.

Significance of Real Estate Offer Management Platform

If you are planning to list a home for sale, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to find the buyer as quickly as possible. What process must be followed after finding the buyer & how can it be managed? Additionally, if the buyer submits an offer on the listed home, will the offer have an expiration date? What should you do to make sure that the offer is received on time and how to deal with multiple offers? The answer is real estate offer management system.

This not only helps in delivering offers on the listed property in real time but also allows you to organise the offers, compare and manage them all through a single platform. The Real estate offer management system enables home sellers like you to control the home selling process by simplifying the offer negotiation process.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Offers Management System

The real estate offer process can involve lots of conversations over emails, which often leads to miscommunication & wastage of time. Many real estate professionals still struggle to keep up with lots of emails involved with the offer process. Using a renowned Real Estate Auction Software can help in simplifying the home selling and buying process which helps agents to streamline & manage the offer process with ease.

Whether it’s about allowing agents to draft & sign offers, receive and organize offers, present & compare them or respond to all the offers using a centralized system, the offer management software covers everything.

Benefits for Listing Agents in Sellers’ Market

Manage Clients

Using an offer management system helps to streamline the process by helping you and your clients complete and sign the documents before offers start coming out.

Track Offers

Having an offer management system gives you a centralised space to collect, store, and review all the offers by enabling you to direct the buyer’s agent to submit offers to the same place.

Compare Offers

Review, present and compare all offers in one place with the offer management system by checking the offers that need to be compared & generating comparisons in seconds.

Respond Offers

After choosing the right offer, the contract needs to be signed and all the other buyers must be informed. The offer management system simplifies this process as all offers are in one centralized location.

As a listing agent, you no longer need to worry about receiving and presenting offers, which gives you more time to focus on helping clients choose the best offer for them.

Benefits for Buyer’s Agents

If you are a buyer’s agent, you may deal with multiple buyers at a time and writing multiple offers for each client can be hard work. Using offer management software helps to automate the offer workflow helping you draft and submit offers faster and keep track of where your offers stand.

Manage Clients

From managing to communicating with clients, an offer management system covers all. This also helps to assign tasks to clients, communicate information in one place or collaborate with them regarding agreements, contracts and signed documents.

Draft Offers

The next thing will be to help clients in submitting offers by drafting offers and automating all the time-consuming and duplicative work associated with the offer drafting process.

Submit Offers

Once the drafting of offers is done, it’s time to get the paperwork signed. The offer management system streamlines the process of submitting offers to listing agents by allowing clients to easily e-sign any documents for the transactions without the need to download, upload or email anything.

Track Offers

Another important part is to keep track of all the offers submitted to know where they stand after submission. Earlier clients needed to follow up on the offer’s status through a call, text or email to the listing agent. However, with the offer management system, the listing agent and clients know where the offers stand bringing transparency to the whole offer process.

Using an offer management system keeps everyone in the loop by keeping them informed when the offer is delivered, reviewed by the listing agent or presented to sellers.

Closing Statement

After going through the blog, we can see using reliable real estate offer management can be a game-changing opportunity for home sellers who are struggling to manage offers on listed properties with ease. Ensure that you are aware of how it works to deliver offers to you in real-time whether you want to organize, compare, manage or respond to everyone, all using one application.

Being a reliable real estate platform, BidHom is the best choice that enables home sellers and brokers to manage multiple offers with ease. Additionally, we also help them pick the best offer among multiple buyers that bids the maximum price within a specific time limit using the Highest and Best Offers Listing strategy for quicker property sale closures. If you are ready to make the property selling process easy and quick, connect with our experts today.