tailored real estate marketing to help you stand out from the crowd
  • April 22, 2022
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The real estate sector is one of the most competitive industries that have been progressing every year. With thousands of real estate agents and brokers available in the market today, we can see this field is equally challenging as well as lucrative. In a research conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), it was found that 88% of home buyers recently purchased their homes through a real estate agent/broker.

Another study says 73% of buyers connect with only one agent during their home search, which shows the importance of building awareness and getting in front of buyers. This shows the growing demand for tailor-made real estate marketing and its importance in real estate firms. In this blog, we will check out some of the customized marketing tips that can be used to promote services in your real estate IDX solution.

How large is US commercial real estate market?

If you are wondering how to market commercial real estate sector that is so huge, we are here to help you with some amazing marketing tips! Before that, let’s check out the numbers- the market size, measured by revenue of the commercial real estate market is $1.1 trillion in 2022 and it is expected to increase around 4% this year according to the research by IBIS world.

More than 80% of the new real estate agents fail within the first five years and the reason behind that is poor marketing skills. The research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average income of agents or brokers in 2017 was $56,730 but at the same time, the top 10% of real estate brokers earned more than $150,000 per year. The only difference between them is that the top 10 % of successful agents are the ones who used tailored real estate marketing. If you are planning to do so, now is the best time to start marketing and reach new heights of success in your business.

Top Marketing Tips to Ensure Success in Your Real Estate Business

As we know the real estate market is crowded and competition is fierce, the right technology and marketing skills can help you stand out from the competition and build trust with customers. Listed below are some of the most effective tailored real estate marketing ideas that can help to skyrocket your business-

  • Custom Landing Pages to Target Both Buyers and Sellers
  • A landing page in your estate IDX website plays a great role to help you boost your marketing and advertising campaign as it acts as a standalone webpage or a mini-website with a specialized marketing campaign.

    These pages drive traffic to your website, enhance SEO capabilities and build your brand presence more effectively. Make custom landing pages that are meant to target specific customer groups and capture their interest.

    You can start by using campaigns with specific themes on your landing page like a “Coming Soon” page, a home buyers guide page, a Seller Landing Page, Feature a Listing and Promote First Time Home Buyer Program, etc.

    With BidHom, you can boost the capabilities to help you build stunning real estate web pages in just a few minutes without relying on advanced design and development skills. You can either create a new template for the popular campaign or use the built-in library of templates to save time and effort.

    Understand your audience and build landing pages that capture their interest area to embrace more real estate marketing opportunities as they are more noticeable to promote specialized offerings or coming soon properties.

  • Automated Drip Campaigns to Engage More Leads
  • Customers today only associate with the brand that makes them feel valued, which is why leveraging the right nurture campaigns is essential to make things work effectively in your business.

    Drip campaigns are the best way to attract new buyer leads that enable you to send a series of emails that pipe in custom-made neighborhood updates, use the hot sheet to highlight fresh listings opportunities, and offer info to help about specific situations like first-time buyers. For seller leads, the campaigns can be designed to include info about just-sold properties, testimonials, and market insights to give info about a good time to list properties.

    Many clients that use BidHom have witnessed amazing business results by making use of drip campaigns that incorporate videos to make potential users feel connected and engaged with your brand.

  • Branded Mobile App to Help Prospects Interact Better
  • Smartphones are always with customers and they rely on mobile apps for anything even if it is to search for new homes. To engage your leads that are already using your site, you can have an app that is branded to your business and keep the interaction on for a longer time. Make sure that your mobile app is built in such a way it offers a great search experience for potential home buyers and sellers and is updated with fresh property listings to ensure that your prospects keep coming back.

    If you don’t want leads that should be engaging with your brand search listings on other real estate apps instead, ensure that they stay connected with you and feel like they’ve found a trusted advisor with great local expertise.

  • Social Media Ads For Promotion Using Few Clicks
  • Go for high-performing social media campaigns to not just help real estate businesses engage first-time buyers and sellers but re-engage them again and again. You can focus on other important business goals while BidHom takes care of this part and help potential users stay interested in your brand, and build meaningful conversations with more conversions.

    Some agents are experienced when it comes to the ins and outs of social media and are making the best use of marketing to engage users and convert leads. However, others don’t want to waste time on learning commercial real estate marketing skills as they are already piled up with other stuff.

    If you’re in the latter one, we can ensure that your business grows in a short time using BidHom’s marketing capabilities with top-performing ad services that hold a proven track record of high performance and increase in engagement rate.

How BidHom can help in building Personalized Real Estate Marketing?

If you are thinking about How to market yourself as a commercial real estate agent, BidHom can help you with the user-friendly marketing services that allow you to automate ad creation as well as user targeting process with the right marketing. Whether you have requirements for email marketing or social media channel marketing, we can build custom-made campaigns through multiple channels and highlight your best property listings and showcase them in front of potential buyers/sellers.

Apart from ad campaigns, you can also run robust retargeting campaigns that can help in generating leads and bring back abandoned users to your website again. Make use of the built-in reporting of BidHom to gain real-time insights about your marketing spend and how effectively your listings are promoted.

Closing Statement

Hopefully, you have got an idea of how to market your real estate services for better exposure and convert more leads using the ideas shared above. To stand out in the competitive real estate market, ensure that you build the right email campaigns, social media ad campaigns, drip campaigns, or custom landing pages to target the right audience.

Get in touch with the experts of the BidHom platform for the real estate website development or marketing needs and boost your brand presence effectively.


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